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Heavyweight Champion

Flex Fenom

Date: 2008-06-27
Location: Martinsburg, WV
Defeated: OGB

Congratulations to Flex Fenom on his successful return to the ring and becoming the first Indie Pro champion (although his win was under very controversial circumstances).

"The Urban Legend" Flex Fenom successfully retained his title in a rematch with OGB, although once again it was under controversial circumstances. At the end of the match, special guest referee and INDIE PRO Assistant General Manager TOMMIE ECTON was knocked out, allowing the much hated J.W. Morningstar the chance to enter the ring. Morningstar struck OGB from behind, however, the punch had no effect on him. OGB grabbed Morningstar, but as he got ready to hit him, Fenom attempted his finisher, the "Flexecution." OGB reversed it and hit his finish, "The G Spot." As Ecton was coming to, he began the count."1...2..." and then Morningstar rang the bell. He told OGB that it was illegal to put your hands on an INDIE PRO official, and disqualified OGB, allowing Flex to retain the title.

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