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Heavyweight Champion


Date: 2010-10-30
Location: Hedgesville, WV
Defeated: OGB

During a Triple Threat Match, special guest referee Dexter Alexander was knocked out inadvertently. A sledgehammer was introduced and Cline attempted to hit Gutterboy with it. OGB snatched it away just in time to save his brother. OGB hit Cline with his G-Spot finisher but when he turned around he was hit with a sledge shot from Gutterboy. Gutterboy hit OGB with his Silver Bullet finishing maneuver and pinned OGB to win the title.

Jerkface climbed into the ring in what initially appeared to be an attempt to save OGB but then turned on OGB as well. Beating OGB down with his crutch. Gutterboy and Jerkface then went on a rampage attacking the DJ with a chair and beating OGB so brutally he had to be taken from the venue in an ambulance.

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