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Heavyweight Champion

Luke Gallows

Date: 2010-11-27
Location: Ranson, WV
Defeated: Gutterboy and Chris Cline (triple threat

During a very heated match, the referee was inadvertently knocked out when a steal chair came into play. Cline tried to use the chair on Galloes, but Galloes kicked it into Cline's face. Sending Cline tumbling out of the ring. Gutterboy took this opportunity to attack Galloes from behind. Gutterboy then climbed to the top rope to finish the job but OGB grabbed Gutterboy's foot. Gutterboy kicked off OGB, but this distraction gave Luek enough time to recover. Gutterboy leapt off the top rope but Galloes caught him with his Galloes pole finisher and pinned Gutterboy to become the new Indie Pro champ!

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