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Mar. 28th - Fan Appreciation Show

Fan Appreciation Show

At the beginning of the show, Gutterboy came out to the ring with his manager JR Mantioba only to learn he had been fired by Manitoba and would be facing two opponents later in the evening.

JW Morningstar also addressed Referee Dexter regarding the main event, Leslie Leatherman vs. OGB. Morningstar pressured Dexter into saying OGB would NOT win the main event. So that Leatherman would become the Top Contender for the Heavyweight Championship.

Anthony Odyssey w/ Jesse Valentine vs. Hyjinx
Hyjinx, out of frustration, chased Valentine around the ring after Valentine had repeatedly interfered in the match. Odyssey slid into the ring before the 10 count and claimed the victory. A re-match has been scheduled for April 25th.

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline and "Wildman" Robbie Paige vs. Xander Maddox and Killer Korbin
Paige received some type of powder substance from his manager JR Manitoba and threw it in Killer Korbin's face allowing Cline to get the pin.

Open Challenge

After intermission, True Talent Bobby "The Body" Shields sent out an open challenge to the fans to see if any one of them wanted to take him on in the ring. One brave fan took on the challenge only to find himself pinned by Shields minutes later.

Captain Awesome vs. CA Elliot
The Boot Bandit interfered once more by pushing Captain Awesome off the top rope allowing CA Elliot to get the win.

Jean-Jean LeBon and Mike Ratick vs. Gutterboy
Gutterboy's two mystery opponents were revealed to be Jean-Jean LeBon and Mike Ratick, both making their Indie Pro debuts. Even though the odds where stacked against Gutteryboy, he was able to pick up the win.

Main Event - Top Contender's Match for Heavyweight Championship

Leslie Leatherman vs. OGB
Near the end of the match, referee Dexter had been knocked unconscious after getting caught in a blow between OGB and Leatherman. During this time Gutterboy came to the ring and slid a chair to Leatherman to use on OGB. Gutterboy got in the ring and asked Leatherman if he could have the chair to do it himself. Leatherman handed Gutterboy the chair and stepped aside with an evil grin to observe the blow. But, in a quick turn of events, Gutterboy hit Leatherman with the chair instead. He then placed OGB on top of Leatherman and Dexter came to in time to deliver the 3 count. This made JW Moringstar furious with Dexter since Morningstar had made Dexter promise OGB would not win the main event. After Morningstar yelled at Dexter for his decision to make the 3 count, Dexter exclaimed he quit and punched Morningstar in the face. Dexter took off his ref shirt and left the building.

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