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April 25th - Triple Threat Championship Match

Triple Threat Championship Match

At the beginning of the show J.W. Morningstar comes out with "Pretty Boy " Chris Cline, "Wildman" Robbie Paige, Flex Fenom, and JR Manitoba. He began to complain that Dexter sucker-punched him at the March 28th show before quitting Indie Pro Entertainment. Dexter comes to the ring and informs Morningstar that his daddy recently made Dexter the new Co-General Manager of Indie Pro Entertainment. In disbelief, Morningstar calls his daddy on his cell phone only to find out this was true. Morningstar immediately left the show claiming he was done with Indie Pro. Dexter's first action as Co-General Manager was to declare that Jake "The Machine" Davis still had the right to title shot for the Heavyweight championship making the main event for the evening a triple threat, Flex Fenom vs. OGB vs. Jake "The Machine" Davis. Dexter's second action was to make a tag match for the evening, "Pretty Boy " Chris Cline and "Wildman" Robbie Paige vs. Gutterboy and Jerkface.

Jean-Jean LeBon vs. Doyle Day
After making his debut with Indie Pro Entertainment, Doyle Day pinned Jean-Jean LeBon.

Anthony Odyssey w/ Jesse Valentine vs. Captain Awesome
The Boot Bandit ran out to interfere with Captain Awesome's boot that was stolen several shows ago. Captain Awesome was able to retrieve the boot and hit the Boot Bandit with the boot taking him out. Captain Awesome began to celebrate while Anthony Odyssey comes from behind and snatchs the boot away then hitting Captain Awesome with his own boot. Anthony Odyssey picked up the victory.

CA Elliot vs. J-Money
J-Money made his debut with Indie Pro Entertainment however, he was unable to pull off a victory. CA Elliot pinned J-Money.

Mike Ratick vs. Hyjinx
Hyjinx hit his finisher the Last Laugh to get the pin on Mike Ra

Pretty Boy " Chris Cline and "Wildman" Robbie Paige vs. Gutterboy and Jerkface
A disqualification was announced after Chris Cline took a chair shot to the head at the hands of Gutterboy. Chris Cline and Robbie Paige remain Tag Team Champions.

Main Event

Heavyweight Champion Flex Fenom w/ JR Manitoba vs. OGB vs. Jake "The Machine" Davis
At first it appeared OBG and Jake "The Machine" Davis would gang up on the Champ Flex Fenom, but Flex repeatedly dodged their advances by diving out of the ring. Leaving Jake and OGB no choice but to battle each other while Fenom perfomed his warm up exercises safely outside the ring. Flex's strategy appeared to be let his opponents wear themselves out. Swooping in occasionally to break up a pin and deliver an easy blow. Despite Fenom's hit and run tactics, it looked like OGB was about to pull of a victory by pinning Davis. That's when Flex's manager, J.R. Manitoba, grabbed OGB's ankle, yanked OGB completely out of the ring a delivered a few cheap shots.

With OGB out of the picture, Flex climbed into the ring once more expecting an easy victory. Only to have his move reversed by Jake Davis. Referee Ben delivered a three count and Jake, barely able to stand after the grueling triple threat match, pulled himself up by the ropes and raised his arm in victory. But Ref Ben had some bad news for Jake. The Machine's shoulders were down too. Resulting in a double pin. Nobody is Champion!

Former ref and new co-manager Dexter announced the Heavyweight Championship belt will be hung high above the ring for the May 30th show. And the Indie Pro Championship will be decided by a tables, ladders, and chairs match!

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