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May 30th - Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Championship

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Championship

Devin Devine vs. Xander Maddox
Xander Maddox pinned the debuting Devin Devine.

Mike Ratick vs. Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome pulled off a victory after hitting Ratick with a super clothesline from the top rope. After the match Captain Awesome said he sensed the Boot Bandit with his "super" senses and called the Boot Bandit out. The Boot Bandit appeared only to taunt Captain Awesome with Awesome's stolen boot. Captain Awesome chased the Boot Bandit out of the arena.

Bill Bain vs. J. Money
As Bill Bain went to use a chair on J. Money he was distracted by the Boot Bandit and Captain Awesome running into ring. After the two intruders left the ring J. Money kicked the chair into Bill Bain. Allowing J. Money to pick up the win.


JW Morningstar came out to the ring and announced he had a note from OGB's doctor stating OGB was in no condition to wrestle in the 4-way Tables, Ladders, & Chairs main event match. This would make it a 3-way match between Jake "The Machine" Davis vs. Leslie Leatherman vs. Flex Fenom. However, Dexter Alexander came to the ring and informed JW Morningstar that Flex Fenon was in the hospital. Making Flex also unable to compete in the main event match. Reducing the 4-way to a one-on-one match between Jake "The Machine" Davis and Leslie Leatherman for the Heavyweight Championship.

JW Morningstar told everyone he is tired of Dexter Alexander always ruining his great ideas. Dexter, in turn, challenged J.W. to a match at the July 11th show. Putting his control of Indie Pro up on the line if J.W. Morningstar would do the same. J.W. claimed he couldn't do that. But once again, after a phone call from Daddy, J.W. was forced to agree to the match.


Anthony Odyssey and Jesse Valentine came to the ring and announced to the fans that Odyssey's opponent, Doyle Day, could not make it to the show due to "car problems." Therefore making Anthony Odyssey officially a finalist for the Enterprise Title. Dexter Alexander informed Odyssey he was not getting off that easy. Odyssey would have a match against Kid Rage instead.

Anthony Odyssey w/Jesse Valentine vs. Kid Rage
Kid Rage picked up the win against Anthony Odyssey after Odyssey was counted out.

CA Elliot vs. Hyjinx
Anthony Odyssey watched at ringside to find out who he would face on July 11th for the Enterprise Championship. With the ref distracted by Jesse Valentine, Anthony Odyssey jumped into the ring to hit Hyjinx with a golf club. He missed and clubbed CA Elliot instead. Allowing Hyjinx to get the victory. Afterwards, Odyssey attacked Hyjinx with the golf club anyway.

Tag Team Championship

"Wildman" Robbie Paige & "Pretty Boy" Chris Cline w/ JR Manitoba & JW Morningstar vs. Gutterboy & Jerkface
Paige and Cline won by disqualification by hitting Gutterboy and Jerkface with the Tag Team belts. After the match Gutterboy and Jerkface issued a challenge to Paige and Cline for a rematch at the July 11th show. Only this time their will be no disqualifications!

Main Event

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Main Event for the Heavyweight Championship

Jake "The Machine" Davis vs. Leslie Leatherman
In traditional fashion for a TLC match, the Heavyweight Championship belt was hung from the ceiling by a rope. It was a grueling match leaving both Davis and Leatherman battered and bloody. But in the end JW Morningstar cut the rope and lowered the belt. Allowing Leslie Leatherman to grab the belt and become the new Indie Pro Entertainment Heavyweight Champion.

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