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August 29th - Marty Jannetty Rocks the House

August 29th - Marty Jannetty Rocks the House

Promo "Wildman" Robbie Paige

To start the show off, The "Wildman" Robbie Paige came out to the ring to express his disbelief about how his partner of 6 years has turned on him. JR Manitoba and "Pretty Boy" Chris Cline then came to the ring to inform everyone Cline is injured and could not participate in the Grudge Match between Paige and Cline already scheduled for that evening. While Manitoba was challenging Paige, Chris Cline delivered a blind-sided attack on Paige. The GM, Dexter Alexander, came out and demanded Cline wrestle or be suspended.

IPE Tag Team Championship

J Money & Deadbolt Holt vs. The A-Team: Gutterboy & Jerkface
The A-Team retained the Championship after Jerkface pinned J-Money with a flying elbow. After the match J Money attacked his partner, Deadbolt, in disgust.

Open Challenge

Bobby Shields
Once again Bobby Shields challenged any fan to wrestle him, offering $100 to any fan who could pin him with a 3 count. He selected a female fan from the audience. Shields pinned her after punching her in the face. Even after the bell Shields continued to attack her until Captain Awesome came to her rescue.

Stefan Slayter vs. Captain Awesome
Before the match could start, Devin Devine interrupted. Devine informed everyone he was tired of being left off the card and demanded to be put in this match. The match became...

Triple Threat Elimination Match

Stefan Slayter vs. Captain Awesome vs. Devin Devine
Devine pinned Slayter after a superplex. Devine pinned Awesome after a low blow.


Hyjinx came to the ring and asked GM Dexter Alexander for another shot at "Tee Time" Anthony Odyssey. Dexter decided Odyssey must wrestle Hyjinx in a non-title match. Odyssey added his caddy, Jesse Valentine, into the mix. Forcing Hyjinx to find a tag team partner at the last minute. Excited, Hyjinx said he had an idea and ran off toward the locker rooms.

GM Dexter Alexancer announced Leslie Leatherman had not been cleared to wrestle. OGB was not happy about this announcement and complained to Dexter about having to wait for a title shot. CA Elliot came out and demanded a shot at the title as well. Dexter decided CA Elliot must face OGB for the #1 Contender spot.

"The Reason" CA Elliott vs OGB
After a superplex off the top rope, OGB rolled to the floor holding his head. Due to OGB's recent head injury, the ref stopped the match and declared OGB unable to continue. Victory was awarded to CA Elliot.

Jesse Valentine & Anthony Odyssey vs. Hyjinx & Marty Jannetty
Hyjinx selected Marty Jannetty as his partner for this match. Hyjinx pinned Odyssey after suffering the Rocker Dropper from Jannetty and the Last Laugh from Hyjinx.

Main Event - Grudge Match

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline w/ JR Manitoba vs. "Wildman" Robbie Paige
It was an intense emotion driven battle. Cline pinned Paige after Manitoba interfered. After the match Paige punched Manitoba in frustration but Cline took advantage of the distraction and hit Robbie with an inverted DDT.

**Next Show:**

Cline vs. Paige Rematch w/ JR Manitoba handcuffed to GM Dexter Alexander!

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