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Oct. 24th - A New Heavyweight Champion!!

Oct. 24th - A New Heavyweight Champion!!

Stefan Slayter vs. John "Deadbolt" Holt
Holt took Slayter for granted and turned his back on the much smaller opponent. Stefan capitalized on this opportunity and defeated Deadbolt with a roll-up.

Enterprise Championship Match

"Tee-Time" Anthony Odyssey w/Jesse Valentine vs. Hyjinx
Before the bell rang, Odyssey questioned why Hyjinx felt he deserved a title shot. Odyssey's own caddy, Jesse Valentine, pointed out Hyjinx had pinned Odyssey during IndiePro's August event. This enraged Odyssey. So he declared if Hyjinx can beat Jesse Valentine in a one-on-one match Odyssey would award Hyjinx with a title shot.

Hyjinx vs. Jesse Valentine
Odyssey could not contain himself and interfered in the match. Giving Hyjinx the win by disqualification. Before Hyjinx could even get up from the mat, Odyssey started Hyjinx's title shot match with a kick to Hyjinx's head.

Anthony Odyssey vs. Hyjinx
Odyssey defeated Hyjinx and retained the Enterprise Championship Title.

IPE Tag Team Championship

A-Team, Gutterboy and Jerkface vs The Infected
A-Team retained their championship title with a victory over The Infected

Open Challenge

"True Talent" Bobby Shields offered yet another open challenge to the fans. But while Shields was combing the audience for an easy opponent, a wrestler emerged from the locker rooms. Zubov, making his Indie Pro Entertainment came to the ring to accept the challenge.

"True Talent" Bobby Shields vs. Zubov
Bobby Sheilds defeated Zubov to pick up another win.

Live Interview by Mr. Doodle

1st Interview: CA Elliot
GM Dexter Alexander came to the ring during the interview to inform CA he would be facing OGB and Leslie Leatherman in a No-Holds Barred 3-Way match for the Indie Pro Heavyweight Championship

2nd Interview: Stefan Slayter
After insulting Slayter several times during the interview, Mr. Doodle dismissed Slayter. But as Slayter was exiting the ring, Mr. Doodle attacked Stefan! First with a cane and then a chair.

Inter-gender Match

Mia Yim vs. Jean-Jean Lebon
Fans of the August 29th Indie Pro Entertainment Event may remember Mia Yim. She was the fan who accepted Bobby Shields's open challenge. Since that day, Mia has been training hard to become a wrestler and it looks like it paid off because she got her first win against Jean-Jean Lebon.

Grudge Match

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline vs. "Wildman" Robbie Paige w/ JR Manitoba handcuffed to Dexter Alexander
Leslie Leatherman interfered. Allowing Manitoba to knock out Dexter, grab the key and un-cuff himself. Manitoba slid a chair to Cline who used it to knock out Paige for the win. Alexander came to and immediately sanctioned a "4 Corners of Pain" rematch for the next show. Weapons will be in every corner.

Main Event

IPE Heavyweight Championship - No Holds Barred - Anything Goes

OGB vs. Leslie Leatherman vs. "The Reason" CA Elliot
After leaping off a 8' platform, OGB defeated Leslie Leatherman and CA Elliot to become your new Heavyweight Champion!

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