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Jan. 23th - Brutal Four Corners of Pain Match!!

Jan. 23th - Brutal Four Corners of Pain Match!!

The show opened with JW Mornigstar announcing that his father has put him in charge for one night due to Dexter Alexander's absence. He apologized to the fans for his previous actions and said that he has changed his ways. Indie Pro Heavyweight Champion OGB then came out to tell Morningstar that he does not trust him and to stay out of his business. Morningstar tried to reassure OGB but was interrupted CA Elliott. Elliott told OGB not to worry about Morningstar because he had to face Elliott in the ring later in the night for the title. Morningstar stated that to prove his honesty he declared himself as special guest referee for that match.

Wicked Jack vs. Stefan Slayter
In an exciting opening bout, the high flying Slayter kick out of a huge Powerbomb from Wicked Jack. Seemingly out of nowhere, Slayter rolled up Jack for a quick pin.

Open Challenge

True Talent Bobby Shields
Bobby Shields interrupted the show to make another open challenge to the crowd. He claimed to be undefeated in Indie Pro Entertainment and said that he is better than everyone else in the building. An old gray haired man in the crowd volunteered to challenge him. Shields attacked him before he could even get into the ring. Once he turned his back the old man stood up, removed his disguise, and revealed himself to be Hyjinx! Hyjinx hit Shields with his Last Laugh finishing move and pinned Shields before he knew what hit him. A rematch has been signed for March 27th.

Shane Shadows vs Xander Maddoxx
Shadows spent the entire match beating down Maddoxx with an illegal object. Maddoxx struggled to make a comeback and managed to get a hold of the object. Before he could use it Shadows rolled him up and pinned him with his feet on the ropes.

The A Team vs Anthony Odyssey and Jesse Valentine
The IPE Enterprise Champion Tee Time Anthony Odyssey and his caddy Jesse Valentine came up short with their attempt to capture the Tag Team titles. The A Team celebrated with a victory dance all the way to the locker room.

OGB vs CA Elliott
Referee Morningstar called the match down the middle until OGB hit CA Elliott with his G-Spot finisher. Morningstar showed his true colors by refusing to count the pin. The match turned into a beat down when OGB tried to get his hands on Morningstar, as Elliott left him laying with a chair. OGB had to be carried from the ring.

Main Event - Four Corners of Punishment

Chris Cline vs Robbie Paige
In what was probably the most violent match in IPE history, Cline and Paige tore each other up with a chair, a ken do stick, a chain, and even thumbtacks! When the dust settled after this bloody encounter Robbie Paige's hand was raised in victory.

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