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Mar. 27th - Pretty Boy Challenges Heavyweight Champion OGB

The show began with JW Morningstar and CA Elliot calling out OGB. They issued a challenge for the shot at the Heavyweight Championship. Dexter Alexander came out and told them CA had his chance at the last show and used that opportunity to beat down OGB. If he wants another title shot he would have to prove he was worthy in a match later in the night against Robbie Paige. Chris Cline came out and stated he has been main eventing show the last several shows and had yet to receive a title shot of his own. He challenged OGB for the title and OGB accepted.

The Kermonators: Logan and John vs The Infected: Horrorshow and Wicked Jack w/ Diablo Rojo
The Infected won the match due to interference by Diablo Rojo.


The A Team, Jerkface and Gutterboy came out and informed everyone they were not scheduled to defend their title. JW Morningstar came out and told Jerface and Gutterboy they will wrestle each other for a prize. Gutterboy revealed the A-Team will be changing their name and the winner would decide their new name.

Sexy Shane Shadows vs Deadbolt Holt
Shadows pinned Deadbolt with his feet on the ropes but the ref saw it at the last second. He demanded the match be restarted. Shadows got into a shoving match with the ref and Deadbolt Holt rolled Shadows up for a quick 3 count.

True Talent Bobby Shields vs Hyjinx
Bobby Shields distracted the ref then knocked out Hyjinx with brass knuckles. He got the victory without the ref seeing the foreign object.

Mar. 27th - Pretty Boy Challenges Heavyweight Champion OGB

Jerkface vs Gutterboy
JW Morningstar announced the first ever "All The Right Moves" match. Each wrestler was required to perform 4 specific moves followed by their finisher in order to win the match. In the end, Gutterboy won but before he could give his team a new name Morningstar interrupted. Morningstar told Gutterboy he had won nothing and their opponents on May 1st will be The Highwaymen!

IPE Enterprise Title Match

Stefan Slater vs Anthony Odyssey w/ Jesse Valentine
Slater hit Odyssey with a splash off the top rope but Valentine knocked out the ref before he could count to 3. Slater threw Valentine out of the ring and put Odyssey in a submission hold. When Odyssey tapped out as the ref recovered and called for the bell. The fans erupted when they thought there was a new champ but the ref called a DQ due to interference from Valentine. Slater won the match but the title could not change hands due to DQ.

Robbie Paige vs CA Elliot w/JW Morningstar
CA Elliot won the match with a spinning back breaker after JW Moringstar caused a distraction.

Main Event

IPE Heavyweight Title

Chris Cline vs OGB
After Cline pulled the ref in front of a blow from OGB, knocking out the ref, CA Elliot took the opportunity to interfere. His interference backfired, however, and he accidentally hit Cline. OGB hit Cline with his G Spot finisher and pinned him to win the match. But Elliot quickly followed up his attack. He, Cline, and Morningstar beat OGB down. Robbie Paige ran in with a chair to make the save. GM Dexter Alexander then came out and halted the skirmish. He announced the main event for May 1st will be CA Elliot, Chris Cline, JW Morningstar vs OGB, Robbie Paige, Dexter Alexander in a 6 man tag match!

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