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May 1st - The Highway Men Fight for the Tag Team Title!

Bobby Shields vs. Stefan Slayter
Slayter missed a corkscrew splash out of desperation. Shields took the opportunity to retrieve brass knuckles from his gym bag. When he reeled back to hit Slayter, Hyjinx ran to the ring and grabbed the knuckles from his hand. While Shields was turned to yell at Hyjinx, Slayter rolled him up for a quick 3 count.

Mr. Doodle vs. Logan
It looked like Logan had the match won but when he hit the ropes, Mr. Doodle followed him in. When Logan turned around, Doodle caught him with his Snickerdoodle finishing maneuver. Crashing all of his weight onto Logan for the win.

Snatch Haggis vs. Zubov
Snatch Haggis went for a Power Bomb but Zubov slipped out and caught him with a Flatliner for the victory.

Sexy Shane Shadows vs Hyjinx
Hyjinx was about to win the match when Bobby Shields ran to the ring and distracted him. When Hyjinx lunged at Shields, Shadows caught him with a low blow an rolled Hyjinx up for a pin. After the match, Bobby Shields entered the ring with another pair of knuckles. He viciously attacked Hyjinx. It took 4 refs to pull Shields off. Hyjinx was left bloody in the ring and had to be carried to the back. Bobby Shields had this to say about the incident:

Indie Pro Tag Team Championship

Wild Stallions vs. The Highway Men
Early in the match Jerkface was attacked and bloodied outside the ring by Jake Davis and Leslie Leatherman. Gutterboy was left to take on both Highway Men for most of the match while Jerkface attempted to crawl to the ring. Eventually, Gutterboy was able to make the tag but Jerkface could not execute enough offense. The Highway Men caught him with a Spike Piledriver for the win. The Highway Men became the new Tag Team Champions! The Highway Men win Tag Team Championship!

IPE Enterprise Championship

Anthony Odyssey w/Jesse Valentine vs. Xander Maddoxx
Xander hit Odyssey with a Frog Splash. Odyssey kicked and Jesse Valentine pulled him out of the ring. Maddoxx dove out of the ring but Odyssey threw Valentine in the way to take the hit. Then out of desperation, Odyssey hit Maddoxx with a golf club to intentionally disqualify himself and save his title. He then threw Maddoxx in the ring and ordered Valentine to hit him with the quiet sign. When Valentine refused, Odyssey slapped him in the face and ordered him to use the sign. To the crowd's delight, Valentine used the sign on Odyssey instead. Shattering the sign on Odyssey's head. Afterwards Valentine told Odyssey "I quit!". A match has been signed between Odyssey and Valentine for June 19th.

Main Event

Six Man Tag Match (Winner gets Heavyweight Title Shot)

Chris Cline, CA Elliot, JW Morningstar vs. Robbie Paige, OGB, Dexter Alexander
After all 6 men brawled throughout the ringside area, it came down to Dexter Alexander and JW Morningstar. Morningstar tried to beg off but tricked Dexter into coming towards him. Morningstar hit Dexter with a low blow and pinned him. Making Morningstar the new #1 contender! Now he must face OGB on June 19th!

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