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June 19th - Indiepalooza 2 Results!

John Kermon vs CA Elliott
John Kermon made a strong showing in the opening match but in the end Elliott caught him with a spinning back breaker for the win. Afterward, Elliot grabbed the microphone and stated he has been overlooked for the last time.

Bobby Shields vs Hyjinx
Hyjinx aggressively attacked Shields at the beginning of the match. Shields desperately grabbed his brass knuckles and attempt to hit Hyjinx with them. This time Hyjinx blocked it and grabbed the knuckles out of his hand. When he reached back to hit Shields with it, the ref grabbed him arm to stop him. By the time Hyjinx could shove the ref off Shields had escaped and the ref disqualified Hyjinx.

General Manager Dexter Alexander announced he had seen enough illegal usage of the brass knuckles. He scheduled a match for the next show where brass knuckles will be legal to use. August 28th Bobby Shields will face Hyjinx in a brass knuckles on a pole match!

Anthony Odyssey entered the ring with a new caddy who he introduced as Eldrick Laddon Green. Odyssey thanked Dexter for allowing him to have the Enterprise Invitational Match. Odyssey said it would be the best way to find new competition for his Enterprise Title. Jesse Valentine came out and told Odyssey he should defend his title right now. Dexter agreed and stated all titles should be defended at IndiePolooza and the match should start right away!

Enterprise Title Match

Anthony Odyssey vs Jesse Valentine
Odyssey had most of the offense in this match but he just couldn't seem to pin Valentine. He even tried to hit Valentine with his golf club while the ref was distracted. To Odyssey's surprise Valentine was still able to kick out. Visibly frustrated, Odyssey went for one last bicycle kick to Valentine's head. Valentine ducked the kick and rolled Odyssey up for a 3 count in what may be the biggest upset in Indie Pro history. Jesse Valentine became the new Enterprise Champion!

Enterprise Title Invitational

Winner declared the #1 Contender for the Enterprise Title

The match started with Jason Riggs and Sean Tyler with a new wrestler added every 2 minutes. Elimination occurs when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope and both feet hit the ground. Participants included Snatch Haggis, Bill Bain, Shane Shadows, etc. Anthony Odyssey entered himself in the match as well. In the end it was Shane Shadows, using dirty tactics, to pull off the victory.

Wyld Stallions vs The Highwaymen
Gutterboy got Leatherman in a crossface submission hold but Jake Davis yanked Mike the ref out of the ring and knocked him out. Ref Lloyd ran to the ring as Leatherman tapped out and declared Jerkface and Gutterboy the new tag champions. But when Mike recovered he disqualified the Highwayman. The Wyld Stallions won the match but the title did not change hands due to DQ.

#1 Contenders Match for the Heavyweight Title

Robbie Paige vs Chris Cline
It looked like Paige had the match won when CA Elliott ran in to interfere. Elliot beat down Paige and stated he deserved a title match as much as anyone else. Dexter Alexander came out and said even though he didn't approve of Elliot's actions all three wrestlers impressed him this evening. He decided all three will get a title shot in a 4 way title match August 28th!

Main Event

JW Morningstar vs OGB
OGB had fun humiliating Morningstar who was decked out in football pads, a riot helmet, and pillows taped to his body. At one point Morningstar tried to throw salt in OGB's eye and accidentally hit the ref. Chris Cline and CA Elliott took the opportunity to attack OGB. Robbie Paige chased them both out of the ring with a steel chair. When the ref recovered Morningstar went for a cover but OGB kicked out. Morningstar attempted a low blow but OGB caught his arm and hit him with the G Spot for the win. OGB is still the Indie Pro Heavyweight Champion!

Results from other events

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