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August 28th - Fan Appreciation Night 2 Results!

John Kermon vs Vince Vega
Vega made a strong showing in his debut match, but in the end it was Kermon's big splash that sealed the deal and brought home a victory.

The Mr. Doodle Show
Mr. Doodle called out his guest, Hyjinx and asked why he is so angry. Bobby Shields interrupted the interview to egg him on further. Hyjinx told Doodle he hasn't seen angry yet and "you wouldn't like me when I'm angry". Shields took the opportunity to attack Hyjinx as Doodle laughed. When Doodle and Bobby exited the ring, a battered Hyjinx grabbed the mic and stated tonight he'd have to do something he hoped he'd never have to do....

IPE Enterprise Title Match

Shane Shadows vs Jesse Valentine
The referee was inadvertently knocked out when Valentine hit Shadows with his sit slam finishing maneuver. Anthony Odyssey took the opportunity to storm the ring to interfere, but Valentine countered and tossed him back out. However, when Jesse turned around, he was met with a clubbing blow by a large unknown man. Odyssey entered the ring again and helped the other intruder deliver a devastating double team move to the champ. Eldrick Landon Green helped the referee recover as Odyssey draped Shadows over his fallen opponent. The count was made, and Shadows became the new Enterprise champion! Afterwords Odyssey introduced the large intruder as his new bodyguard Vaughn. Green declared this is an example of what happens when you humiliate Anthony Odyssey.

Mr. Doodle vs Jason Riggs
Riggs seemed to be too quick and strong for Doodle to handle. Just before victory was at hand for Riggs, Doodle desperately rolled out of the ring to escape. Riggs pushed the ref out of the way to finish Doodle off, but Doodle quickly struck Riggs in the throat with his cane. Without hesitation, Mr Doodle scurried back in and hit Riggs with the Snicker Doodle for the win.

Intermission - Yea, that's right. The action didn't even stop for intermission!

During intermission Robbie Paige got into an altercation with CA Elliott. During the argument, Chris Cline attacked Paige from behind. Elliott and Cline threw Paige in the ring and repeatedly smashed his leg with a chair. Gutterboy saw what was happening and chased them away, but the damage had been done. Once Paige was carried to the back, it was declared he would be unable to compete in the ladder match.


When the show restarted Jake Davis entered the ring and explained his tag partner was not there tonight as they were not scheduled to defend the Tag Team titles. He said since Paige was hurt he would make a great replacement. Gutterboy came out and challenged Davis to a one-on-one match. After Davis refused, JW Morningstar came out and stated he was in charge for the night as Dexter Alexander was unable to attend the show. He said he'd give both men what they want by adding them BOTH to the main event ladder match!

Anthony Odyssey's open challenge

Anthony Odyssey came out with his entourage and said he was not finished making statements. He said he wanted an opponent to humiliate right now and he didn't care who it was. To the shock of everyone, the person to answer his challenge was none other that Chuckie Manson! Odyssey did all he could to keep Manson down, but found himself in the clutches of a sleeper hold. Green distracted the ref so Odyssey could deliver an illegal low blow to escape. With the ref still unaware, Odyssey grabbed his golf club and reeled back to strike Manson. Before he could do it, Jesse Valentine ran out and cracked Vaughn in the back with a chair. A shocked Anthony Odyssey looked over to Valentine, giving Manson time to quickly snatch the golf club. Chuckie clubbed Odyssey with is own putter and covered him for a big three count to the delight of the fans!

Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match

Hyjinx vs Bobby Shields
Before Hyjinx was introduced, his voice was heard over the loudspeakers. He growled he has been pushed too far and now Bobby Shields would face the wrath of The "Ultimate" Hyjinx! Hyjinx ran to the ring covered in face paint and tassels, shook the ropes like a maniac, and pummeled Shields with a series of flying tackles. The two men battled back and forth in attempt to retrieve the brass knuckles. Finally, Hyjinx was able to get a hold of them but as he made a big swing, Shields was able to duck and hit Hyjinx with a clothesline. When both wrestlers reached their feet, Shields delivered a big super kick. He looked to have the match won, but couldn't find the knucks. After searching the ring, Shields turned around only to be struck by a spear from Hyjinx. Hyjinx then revealed he had secretly hidden the knucks in the referee's pocket. Hyjinx delivered a knockout blow with the knucks that bloodied Shields, then followed up with a press slam and splash for the win!

Main Event

Five-Way Ladder Match

CA Elliott vs Chris Cline vs Gutterboy vs Jake Davis vs OGB
This was one of the most brutal matches ever seen in IPE! All five participants came very close to grabbing the title belt. At one point, a twelve foot ladder was introduced and OGB threw himself off the ladder onto Chris Cline on a table! Gutterboy took some nasty chair shots to the head that left him bloody with a huge welt on his head. In the end, OGB and his brother Gutterboy cleared out the opposition. Gutterboy ascended the ladder, but OGB pleaded for Gutterboy not to grab his title. Before they could come to terms, Jake Davis cut Gutterboy off, and OGB climbed for the belt. Once he had a hand on the title, Cline and Elliott each grabbed one of OGB's legs preventing him from pulling down the championship. Robbie Paige limped his way to the ring with a kendo stick and clobbered Cline and Elliott in the ribs, allowing OGB to pull down the belt and remain the Indie Pro Heavyweight Champion!

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