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September 18th 2010 - WWE Superstar Gangrel vs. Flex Fenom!

Joseph Brooks vs Stefan Slayter
Brooks impressed everyone in his debut match. This one came down to the wire, but it was Slayter who pulled off a victory following his corkscrew splash. As a sign of respect, the two competitors shook hands in the ring. Their moment was cut short as The Highwaymen hit the ring and made a surprise attack. They tossed Slayter and Brooks out and stated they had something important to say.


Leslie Leatherman said the Highwaymen are such a dominant team that nobody wants to challenge them. Their scheduled opponents would not receive their title shot because Jerkface was still hurt and could not show up. Gutterboy came out and said he didn't care. He had a score to settle and he was willing to do it alone if he had to. The General Manager Dexter Alexander came out and told him he understands but since it is technically a tag-team match, he would need a partner. IPE Heavyweight champion OGB then came out and told Gutterboy he was willing to help out despite having a title defense later on in the night. He said they are brothers ad he owed Gut after the events of the ladder match at the previous show. Gutterboy tried to talk him out of it but with no other options, the match was set.

Tag-team Title Match

Highwaymen vs Gutterboy and OGB
Gutterboy was extremely aggressive against Jake and Leslie, but seemed unwilling to tag his brother. Eventually the numbers took over and Gutterboy found himself in trouble. Out of desperation he finally made the tag to OGB who started to turn the tables on the Highwaymen. With the ref distracted and Jake Davis down, Gutterboy handed a title belt to OGB and told him to finish off Davis. Confused, OGB tried to tell his brother he didn't need the belt. Before the two could argue any more, the referee saw OGB with the belt, Jake Davis down, and called for the bell. The ref declared the brothers had been disqualified.

Mr. Doodle vs Hyjinx
Mr Doodle tried everything he could to keep Hyjinx down, but eventually Hyjinx mounted a comeback. Sensing defeat, Doodle rolled out of the ring and grabbed his trusty cane. Hyjinx pushed the ref out of the way to pursue Doodle. Mr Doodle took the opportunity to take a swing with the cane, but Hyjinx caught it and yanked it away. He reeled back to hit Doodle with it, but the referee grabbed it from Hyjinx's hand and told him the cane was illegal. Before Hyjinx could explain anything to the ref, Doodle had come back into the ring and rolled up Hyjinx for a cheap three count.

Open Challenge

The new IPE Enterprise Champion Shane Shadows came out to brag he is the best champion there will ever be in Indie Pro. To prove it, he would face anyone in the locker room. Robbie Paige came out and said when he was younger he used to be a big fan of Shadows. Now that he is older, he's disappointed in the dirty tactics Shadows has been using lately. The argument escalated to Shadows slapping Paige in the face. Paige, who had to be restrained, said he wanted to accept the open challenge right now! Shadows refused and Dexter Alexander came out and told Shadows if he did not defend the title, he'd be stripped of the belt and fired.

Shane Shadows vs Robbie Paige
Paige tore into Shadows right from the start. Shadows desperately tried to hold him off to no avail. Eventually, Shadows resorted to using a foreign object he had concealed in his tights. Paige ducked as Shadows hit the referee and knocked him out cold. Robbie Paige continued the assault to the point where he had Shadows clearly defeated. When the ref recovered, Paige went for the pin, but the ref called for the bell to disqualify Shadows. Paige won the match, but the title does not change hands due to DQ. Shane Shadows stated Robbie Paige will never get a title shot again!

Anthony Odyssey and Vaughn w/ Eldrick Landon Green vs Jesse Valentine and Chuckie Manson
Valentine and Manson dominated most of the match. A huge brawl involving all of the competitors broke out. Valentine prepared to finish off Odyssey when Green jumped onto the apron to hand Odyssey his golf club. Valentine cut Green off and punched him off the apron. When he turned around, Odyssey caught Valentine with his Birdie Buster finishing move and covered him for the win.

Heavyweight Title Match

OGB vs Pretty Boy Chris Cline
In an epic back and forth battle, this one looked like a contender for match of the year, Cline appeared to be close to winning the title when OGB hit the "G spot" out of nowhere. With both men down, suddenly "The Living Nightmare" Griffen stormed the ring! He attacked OGB and Cline, dishing out a huge chokeslam on each. Gutterboy hit the ring to make the save, chasing Griffen out with a chair. After Griffen retreated, Gutterboy threw the chair down and helped his brother up. once OGB was brought to his feet, Gutterboy scooped him up and delivered the Silver Bullet onto the chair! The crowd was shocked and disgusted. Gut motioned for Griffen to come back in the ring and finish off OGB. Griffen chokeslammed the champ out of the ring though a table! Gutterboy took a seat in his chair and calmly explained his brother OGB has cost him a title for the last time. Now he has set out to "make things right".

Main Event

Flex Fenom w/ JW Morningstar vs Gangrel
Morningstar introduced Flex and stated The Fenom is the best champion IPE has ever seen. They would prove it tonight with a huge win over Gangrel. Gangrel came out to a huge response from the crowd. After his trademark spraying of the "red liquid", Morningstar tried to get in Gangrel's face, only to get the liquid spat in his own face. Fenom took the opportunity to cut Gangrel off early, but it wasn't long before the vampire warrior fought back and caught Flex with an impaler DDT for the victory!

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