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Oct. 10th - Axl Rotten Defeats Captain Awesome

Axl Rotten and Captain Awesome

Anthony Odyssey vs. Sanchezz

Anthony Odyssey (the former Deuce Donatelli) opened the show against the debuting Sanchezz. Before the match Odyssey explained that after two loses within IPE it's time that he starts doing things his way instead of wrestling for the fans. After several interferences and a distraction from Odyssey's caddie, Jesse Valentine, Odyssey was able to pull off his first win at IPE.

Open Challenge

Flex Fenom Challenger and Heavyweight Champion vs. Hyjinx

Flex Fenom issued yet another open challenge to anyone in the IPE locker room. OGB came to the ring but J.W. Morningstar protested that OGB was given his opportunity for the Heavyweight Championship and failed. Due to a stipulation, OGB is not allowed another opportunity for one year. That did not stop OGB from attacking Flex Fenom and leaving him still needing an opponent. An enthusiastic Hyjinx came to the ring to accept the open challenge. It looked as though Hyjinx might pull off a win but after Flex tossed the belt to Hyjinx (while the referee was not looking) and claimed Hyjinx hit him with the belt, he was disqualified. Fenom retained the IPE Heavyweight Championship.

Jason Havok vs. J.T. Thorn

Jason Havok took advantage his size and strength to toss his opponent J.T. Thorn around in the ring for a good part of the match. Being smaller and less experienced Thorn looked as though he would not stand a chance against Havok. Everyone looked surprised after a big upset and J.T. Thorn was declared the winner.

"Wildman" Robbie Paige vs. Tommy Hawk

"Wildman" Robbie Paige, with "Pretty Boy" Chris Cline and J.W. Morningstar in his corner was able to pull off a win against Tommy Hawk. Hawk was left with a battered and bruised sternum and rib cage. Hyjinx and Jerkface entered the ring to help Hawk and challenged Paige and Cline to a match on Dec. 6th at the Berkeley County Youth Fairgrounds.

OGB vs. "Pretty Boy" Chris Cline

OGB faced off against "Pretty Boy" Chris Cline with "Wildman" Robbie Paige and J.W. Morningstar at ringside. Paige and Morningstar made it difficult for OGB to pull of the win. A frustrated OGB threw Paige into Morningstar and picked up the win. After the match, OGB was attacked from behind by Flex Fenom.

Gutterboy vs. Jerkface

Gutterboy picked up a win, after an illegal assist from manager J.R. Manitoba, against his opponent Jerkface. This proved to be an unpopular win with the fans who traded insults with Gutterboy after the match, but the ref's decision was final.

Morningstar Announcement

Due to the actions of OGB earlier in the show, J.W. Morningstar came to the ring and announced a tag team match for the Dec. 6th show. It will be J.W. Morningstar and Flex Fenom vs. OGB and a partner of his choosing.

Main Event

ECW Original Axl Rotten vs. Captain Awesome

In typical ECW original style, Axl Rotten and Captain Awesome brawled all over the building. IPE's newest "Superhero" Captain Awesome didn't stand a chance after Axl smashed a chair over Captain Awesome's head giving Axl the win.

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