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Oct. 30th - Brother VS Brother for the IPE Heavyweight Championship!

Brother VS Brother for the IPE Heavyweight Championship!

Mr. Doodle vs. Hyjinx
Mr. Doodle started the show by announcing he had a bucket full of full size candy bars. After Doodle had all the kids line up at ringside for a candy bar he told everyone he changed his mind and wasn't going to let anyone have his candy bars! Near the end of the match Hyjinx jumped off the top rope, Doodle moved out of the way in time but didn't realize Hyjinx landed on his feet. Doodle assumed Hyjinx was hurt so when Doodle tried to hook Hyjinx for a suplex Hyjinx was able to turn it into small package roll up for the 3 count.

Mr. Doodle threw a temper tantrum and tried to hit Hyjinx with his cane. Hyjinx blocked the cane and chased Mr. Doodle out of the ring. Then Hyjinx handed out Mr. Doodles candy to all the kids.


Jerkface called out Gutterboy to confront him on his recent actions. Gutterboy told him he was tired of carrying Jerkface and kicked his crutch out. Gutterboy threatened to hit Jerkface with his own crutch but OGB ran out and saved Jerkface. OGB challenged Gutterboy for the match right then but Pretty Boy Chris Cline came out and said he should be part of the main event. IPE General Manager Dexter Alexander agreed it should be a triple thread match.

C.A. Elliot vs John Kermon
CA complained he should be a main eventer. CA complained about he is stuck in a match with someone he has already beaten and bragged about how he is going to make an example out of John Kermon. CA Elliot hit his signature swinging back breaker but Kermon kicked out to Elliot's surprise. Elliot attempted his back breaker again but Kermon turned it into a school boy roll up for the win. C.A. Elliot was so furious he challenged Kermon to a loser leaves Indie Pro match. Kermon accepted and the match is scheduled for Indie Pro's next event November 27th at the Ranson Civic Center in Ranson, WV.

Shorty Smalls vs. Chuckie Manson
Shorty wrapped his chain around the turnbuckle and tried to whip Chuckie into the chain, but Chuckie reversed it and hit Shorty with a quick DDT for the win.

Winner Chooses Loser\'s Next Opponent Match

Tee-Time Anthony Odyssey with Vaughn vs. Jesse Valentine
Valentine took most of the beating throughout the match but managed to kick out before the three count every time. While the referee was inadvertently knocked out Vaughn entered the ring and doubled teamed Valentine. Chuckie ran out to save Valentine. Chuckie threatened to hit Odyssey with his barbed wire baseball bat. In fear Odyssey backed up right into Valentine who rolled Odyssey up for the win.

Valentine declared Odyssey's match Nov. 27th at the Ranson Civic Center will be against Chuckie Manson in a barbed wire match.


Paige called out Shane Shadows but Shadows showed up wearing a neck brace and claimed to be too injured to wrestle. Robbie accused Shane of faking an injury to avoid fighting the Wildman. Shane said he would wrestle hurt if Robbie really wanted to beat up a cripple. Bobby Sheilds came out and offered to take on Paige instead. GM Dexter allowed the match to happen.

"Wildman" Robbie Paige vs. Bobby "The Body" Shields
Shields and Page had a great back and forth battle on. But when Paige mounted a comeback and hit Shields with a super kick, Shane Shadows tore off his neck brace and hit Paige with a chair. Paige was awarded win by DQ, but GM Dexter Alexander insisted that since Shadows had faked an injury he must defend his belt immediately against Stefan Slaytor.

Enterprise Championship Match

Stefan Slaytor vs. Sexy Shane Shadows
Slaytor unleashed a flurry of attacks on Shadows. But Shadows reached into his shirt and pulled out a foreign object. Shane used it to knock out Slaytor and pinned him without the ref seeing it.

Main Event

Triple Threat Match for the IPE Heavyweight Championship

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline with J.W. Morninstar vs. Gutterboy vs. OGB with Jerkface
Special guest referee Dexter Alexander

After near falls by all three wrestlers, the referee was knocked out inadvertently. A sledgehammer was introduced and Cline attempted to hit Gutterboy with it. OGB snatched it away just in time to save his brother. OGB hit Cline with his G-Spot finisher but when he turned around he was hit with a sledge shot from Gutterboy. Gutterboy hit OGB with his Silver Bullet finishing maneuver and pinned OGB to win the title.

Jerkface climbed into the ring in what initially appeared to be an attempt to save OGB but then turned on OGB as well. Beating OGB down with his crutch. Gutterboy and Jerkface then went on a rampage attacking the DJ with a chair and beating OGB so brutally he had to be taken from the venue in an ambulance.

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