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Nov. 27th - Bloody Barbed Wire Match & A New Heavyweight Champ!

Bloody Barbed Wire Match & A New Heavyweight Champ!

True Talent Bobbie Shields vs. Jesse Valentine
Jesse Valentine was about to finish off shields when Tee-Time Anthony Odyssey and his entourage approached the ring. Distracting Jesse long enough for Shields to connect with a super kick followed by a 450 splash for the win.

Mr. Doodle vs. Hyjinx
Mr. Doodle brought out a birthday present for his biggest fan Tyler. The gift turned out to be a can of dog food! Hyjinx came out to the ring and traded Tyler. In exchange for the can of dog food, Hyjinx gave Tyler a better present. Doodle was infuriated by Hyjinx's interference. He challenged Hyjinx to a match where the loser must eat the dogfood. During the match Mr. Doodle got into a confrontation with the referee. The ref warned Mr. Doodle he would disqualify Doodle if he hit the ref one more time. Hyjinx kicked Doodle into the ref prompting a disqualification and Mr. Doodle had to eat the dog food!

Sexy Shane Shadows vs. Wildman Robbie Paige
The match ended in a count out and they brawled their way to the back.


Gutterboy came out to gloat about being the new Indie Pro Heavyweight Champion. He informed the fans OGB was not cleared to wrestle in the Triple Threat with Chris Cline. OGB came out and said he may not be cleared to wrestle but he still wants to fight. Dexter intervened and said there will not be a fight unless OGB wants to lose his shot at the belt during future events. OGB revealed he had recently spoken with the owner of Indie Pro and had worked out a deal. OGB was allowed to chose his replacement for the Triple Threat match and his replacement would be former WWE superstar Big LG, Luek Galloes!

Tag-Team Title Match

Highway Men vs. Brooks and Slayter
The Highway Men used their size advantage to dominate Slayter and Brooks for most of the match. Just when it seemed the Highway Men were ready to finish off Brooks with their Road Kill double-team maneuver. Slaytor grabbed Jake Davis's foot in desperation. Toppling Jake from the top rope. Meanwhile Brooks escaped the Powerbomb and caught Leatherman with a quick neck breaker. Slayter dove off the top rope with a high flying corkscrew splash and together they pinned Leslie Leatherman. Making Brooks and Slayter the new Tag-Team Champions in a huge upset!!

Loser Leaves Indie Pro

The Reason C.A. Elliot vs. John Kermon
C.A. and Kermon had an all out brawl as both men's careers were on the line. Kermon made a big comeback at the end. Elliot desperately tried to cut Kermon off at the end with a power bomb. But Kermon swept Elliot's legs out from under him and rolled C.A. up for the quick 3 count.

Afterwards General Manager Dexter Alexander came out and said he thought it was odd C.A. Elliot was so willing to put his career on the line. Dexter found out C.A. was shipping out to join the Army. Dexter thanked C.A. for his service and said there were a few others who wanted to thank him as well. All of the Indie Pro Superstars, referees and managers came out to wish Elliot farewell. The fans gave Elliot a standing ovation as they cheered him off.

Triple Threat Match for the Heavyweight Championship

Pretty Boy Chris Cline vs. Gutterboy vs. Luek Galloes
During a very heated match, the referee was inadvertently knocked out when a steal chair came into play. Cline tried to use the chair on Galloes, but Galloes kicked it into Cline's face. Sending Cline tumbling out of the ring. Gutterboy took this opportunity to attack Galloes from behind. Gutterboy then climbed to the top rope to finish the job but OGB grabbed Gutterboy's foot. Gutterboy kicked off OGB, but this distraction gave Luek enough time to recover. Gutterboy leapt off the top rope but Galloes caught him with his Galloes pole finisher and pinned Gutterboy to become the new Indie Pro champ!

Main Event

Barbed Wire Match

Chuckie Manson vs. Tee-Time Anthony Odyssey
During the bloodiest match in Indie Pro history, Odyssey relied on his entourage throughout most of the match to beat down Manson. But then Jesse Valentine ran out with a steel chair, attacking Odyssey's bodyguard Vaughn and driving him back away from the ring.

Manson mounted a huge comeback and beat Odyssey down with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Manson then wrapped himself in barbed wire and delivered a splash off the top rope through a table. Defeating Anthony Odyssey.

Shorty Smalls hit the ring, attacked Manson and verbally bashed Manson. Shorty stated Manson wasn't a real wrestler and challenged Manson to a match. Shorty vs Chuckie has been set for Jan 22nd.

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