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Jan. 22nd - TNA Star Sonjay Dutt and Royal Redemption Triple Event!

Tee-Time Anthony Odyssey vs. Stefan Slayter
Stefan climbed to the top rope to attempt to hit Odyssey with a corkscrew splash but Eldrick Landon Green grabbed Slayter's leg. Slayter kicked Green off the apron then attempted the splash. But Green's distraction gave Odyssey enough time to recover and move out of the way. Odyssey connected with his Birdie Buster finishing move for the win.
After the match, Green issued a challenge for Slayter to bring his partner Brooks to the next show because Odyssey and Vaughn want at the tag team title.

General Manager Dexter Alexander came out and said Odyssey and Vaughn could have their tag title match at the March 5th event but Green would be band from ringside during the match.

Sexy Shane Shadows vs. The Mexecutioner
Shadows came out and announced he was not required to defend the enter title tonight but he had a special treat for the audience. He had searched the globe far and wide and had finally found a suitable opponent. The infamous Mexican luchador The Mexecutioner!

Shadows made short work of the Mexecution, who appeared to weigh about a hundred pounds soaking wet, and finished him off without a Powerslam. After the bell Shadows grabbed a chair, threw it in the ring and delivered a DDT on the helpless luchador. The Mexecutioner had to be carried from the ring.

Captain Awesome vs. Jean-Jean LeBon
Captain Awesome made his triumphant return to Indie Pro Entertainment. He apologized for his mysterious absence and explained he's been searching for the person who stole his boot. The source of all his power! Awesome has determined the person whole stole his boot must be a member of the Indie Pro Roster. And Captain Awesome is determined to find the man responsible even if he as to go through every single wrestler.

Jean-Jean LeBon took on Captain Awesome but was no match for his awesomeness. Captain Awesome won the match with a choke slam and demanded inf o from the masked mime. A mysterious masked man emerged from the shadows holding Captain Awesome's boot. Captain Awesome immediately chased the "boot bandit" out of the building.

Shorty Smalls vs. Chuckie Manson
Chuckie Manson took a beating early on but made a big comeback. The referee was inadvertently hit by a clothesline just before Chuckie got Shorty in a sleeper hold. While the ref was out Chuckie was attacked by a woman who seemed to have come out of the crowd. She handed Shorty Smalls a chain, which Smalls used to knock Chuckie out before the ref recovered. After Shorty was awarded the win he introduced the fans to his new manager, Kacee Carlisle.

Chris Cline vs. Sonjay Dutt
Sonjay Dutt attempted to finish off Cline with a Moonsault but JW Morningstar knocked Sonjay's feet out from under him. Cline caught Sonjay with a Leg Sweep DDT for the win. After the match Cline and Morningstar tried to do further damage to Sonjay but Dutt faught back. Sonjay clotheslined Cline out of the ring and delivered a Moonsault to Morningstar to the delight of the fans.

OGB vs. Gutterboy
OGB came out and announced he had unfinished business with his brother Gutterboy. Gutterboy came out and said he was scheduled to wrestle in the Royal Redemption match and would not wrestle OGB. GM Dexter Alexander came out and told Gutterboy he would wrestle OGB and the match would start right away! The two bothers tore into each other. Just when it looked as if OGB had the match won, Jerkface pulled the ref out of the ring and "The Living Nightmare" Griffen stormed the ring. After Griffen delivered a choke slam to OGB another large unknown man clad in leather approached the ring. He attacked Griffen. Throwing both Griffen and Gutterboy out of the ring. OGB celebrated with his new ally Jaysin Justice.

Main Event

Royal Redemption

A three part event to determine the number one contender for the Enterprise Championship:
  • Starts with a normal Battle Royal match with only one winner.
  • Immediately followed by a Royal Rumble where participants enter in the order they were eliminated from the first match.
  • The winner of the Battle Royal and the winner of the Royal Rumble face off in one final match.

Part 1 - Battle Royal

The match came down to the Kermonators (Logan and John) and "The Living Nightmare" Griffen. The Kermonators used teamwork to eliminate Griffen. Then John Kermon caught Logan off guard and eliminated him to win the first part of Royal Redemption.

Part 2 - Royal Rumble

The final three contestants were Mr. Doodle, "The Living Nightmare" Griffen and "Wildman" Robbie paige. As Griffen went for a chokeslam on Paige. OGB ran to the ring. This distracted Griffen long enough for Paige to connect with a kick to Griffen and eliminate the big man. Mr. Doodle then attempted a sneak attack on Paige but Robbie reacted quickly, pulling down the top rope for Mr Doodle to tumble over, and The Wildman was declared the winner of part two.

Part 3 - John Kermon vs. "The Wildman" Robbie Paige

In a back and forth matchup, the crowd was clearly behind Robbie Paige. Kermon attempted a Boston Crab but Paige reversed it into a roll up and caught Kermon for the 3 count.

Immediately upon winning the match, Shane Shadows attacked Paige. Shadows attempted a DDT onto a chair. Paige escaped and swung the chair at Shadows. But Shadows escaped and retreated from the ring.

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