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March 5th - A Night of New Champions!

Bobby Shields vs Xander Maddox
Xander caught Bobby with a quick backslide out of nowhere for the upset victory.


Kermon interrupted the show and started mouthing off on the mic to the fans. Claiming the fans had turned on him. Kermon complained the fans only cheered for Robbie Paige during the final match of the Royal Redemption. And after Kermon ended CA Elliot's carrier, the fans had called Elliot a hero.

Kermon's partner Logan came out and tried to calm him down. But John just called him a phony and exposed they aren't brothers after all. Kermon challenged Logan to a match and when Logan declined he got a received a smack in the face. That was enough for Logan to agree to the match and it was on.

John Kermon Vs. Logan
Logan put up a good fight, but in the end John Kermon caught Logan with a neck breaker for the victory.

Tag-Team Title Match

Anthony Odyssey & Vaughn vs. Stefan Slayter and Joseph Brooks
It appeared Brooks and Slayter had the match won but during the melee Odyssey clubbed the ref in the head from behind. Brooks immediately caught Odyssey with a jumping neck breaker and went for the pin. Another ref ran to the ring and counted the one, two but refused to count three. Brooks looked up and discovered it wasn't a ref at all. It was Eldric Landon Green who was supposed to banned from ringside! Green delivered a low blow to Brooks then Vaughn and Odyssey hit Brooks with a double team move for the victory.


Dr. Douglas Crane brought "The Living Nightmare" Griffen to the ring to announce they had "taken care of" OGB. And since OGB wouldn't be there Gutterboy also felt no need to be at the show. As a result Gutterboy and Griffen would have the night off. Jaysin Justice hit the ring and stated he didn't know what happened to OGB but he wanted a match. The moment he turned his back on Griffen, The Living Nightmare attacked Justice and the match was on.

Jaysin Justice Vs. "The Living Nightmare" Griffen with Dr. Douglas Crane
It didn't take long before the action spilled outside of the ring and got completely out of control. Referee Lloyd tried to sustain order to no avail as he was given a vicious chair shot by Griffen. Griffen tried to attack Justice with the chair as well, but Jaysin ducked and Griffen hit his own manager. Justice delivered a DDT to Griffen onto the chair and just as things were about to get even worse a second ref hit the ring and called for a no contest. Once the dust settled, however, Justice raised his hand in victory.

Diablo Rojo vs Hyjinx
Hyjinx gave Rojo an airplane spin causing both wrestlers to become dizzy. The confused Rojo gave the ref a small package. Hyjinx counted the three and raised Rojo's hand in victory. Hyjinx then gave Rojo a small package of his own and the real ref gave the three count.

Jesse Valentine Vs. Mike Rattick
Jesse Valentine caught Rattick with his Valentine's Day finishing move for the win.

Heavyweight Championship Title Match

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline Vs. Luke Gallows
Gallows hoisted Cline up on his shoulders to finish him off when J.W. Morningstar hopped up on the apron. As Gallows turned to look the ref was inadvertently knocked out by Clines feet. Gallows dropped Cline and grabbed Morningstar by his shirt threatening to punch him. Cline turned Gallows around and delivered a low blow. Morningstar slid Cline a chair and Cline cracked Gallows in the skull with it before the ref could recover. Morningstar helped the ref recover and count the three to declare Cline the new Indie Pro Heavyweight Champion. Before Morningstar could make it out of the ring. Gallows got a hold of him and delivered a huge choke slam to the delight of the fans.


General Manager Dexter Alexander declared, since Shane has been running from Paige for months, this match would be a lumberjack match. Leaving Shane Shadows nowhere to run.

Enterprise Championship Title Match

Sexy Shane Shadows Vs. The "Wildman" Robbie Paige
Shadows took control early by attacking Paige's shoulder. Keeping Robbie grounded for most of the match. Once Robbie got fired up, Shadows spilled out of the ring and Robbie dove over the top rope after Shadows, taking out some of the lumberjack. The lumberjacks broke into a huge brawl. Scattering all over the building and eventually disappearing out the door. Shadows attempted to make the same exit but all the doors were blocked by the fire fighters. The Hedgesville volunteer fire fighters hoisted Shane up, carried him to the ring and threw him back inside. Paige tried to roll Shadows up but when Shadows kicked out, Paige flew shoulder first into the ring post. Shadows attempted to finish Paige off with a shoulder breaker, but Paige slipped out and with everything he had left , delivered a huge kick to the back of Shadows skull.

It proved to be enough and the crowd exploded as the referee gave the three count and Robbie was declared the new Indie Pro Enterprise Champion.

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