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April 30th - Melee in Hedgesville, WV

Jesse Valentine vs. Shorty Smalls with Kacee Carlisle
Shorty spent most of the match beating down Valentine but Shorty couldn’t keep Jessie down for a three count. Out of frustration Shorty held Valentine and invited Kacee to hit Jesse with a weapon. Cuckie Manson ran to the ring and yanked Kacee off the apron. This caused enough of a distraction for Shorty to take his eyes off Valentine who rolled Shorty up for a three count.

Sexy Shane Shadows vs. Chuckie Manson
In the middle of the match Shorty stormed the ring an beat Chuckie down with a chair. The match was ruled a disqualification.

Open Challenge

J.W. Morningstar introduced the new Indie Pro Heavyweight Champion, “Pretty Boy” Chris Cline. Cline read off a list of people who signed up to accept his open challenge and declared each of them unworthy. Then he asked if there was anyone truly worthy of a title shot.

Flex Fenom came out to accept the challenge!

Heavyweight Championship Title Match

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline vs. Flex Fenom
Flex Fenom absolutely dominated the match and Cline bailed out of the ring to get counted out and save his title.

Mr. Doodle vs. Terry Ring
Terry Ring gave Mr. Doodle a run for his money. So Doodle coward behind referee Lloyd. He then shoved Lloyd out of the way and gave ring a quick low blow and finished him off with his Snickerdoodle finisher move.

John Kermon Called Out Robbie Paige

John Kermon came out and challenged Robbie for his enterprise title. Paige came out and accepted the challenge but General Manager Dexter Alexander declared that Kermon had not earned a title shot but he could do so tonight. If Kermon could beat Paige in a match tonight, he would then become the number one contender for the title.

Tag Team Championship Title Match

Stefan Slayter & Scott Fowler vs. Anthony Odyssey & Vaughn with Eldrick Landon Green
A stipulation was made that if Odyssey and Vaughn lost the match. The opposing team would get 5 minutes in the ring with Eldrick Landon Green.

Stefan explained his usual partner, Joseph Brooks, was unavailable. So he found a suitable replacement. He called in an old friend \”The Solution\” Scott Fowler. It looked like Slayter and Fowler were about to win the tag-team titles. So out of desperation Eldrick Landon Green blatantly interfered to intentionally cause a disqualification. This allowed Vaughn and Odyssey to retain the tag-team title.

As the champs celebrated retaining their titles General Manager Dexter Alexander came out and informed them since Odyssey and Vaughn still technically lost the match, Green would still have to server his five minutes in the ring.

In the end the challengers got their revenge when Fowler hit Green with a Spinebuster and Slayter delivered a Corkscrew Splash off the top rope.

Leslie Leatherman vs. Hyjinx
Leslie Leatherman gave Hyjinx a vicious pummeling. Hyjinx mounted a comeback but came up short and Leslie Leatherman caught him with his Samoan Drop finisher. Leatherman may have won the match if he had gone for a cover but he wanted to punish Hyjinx. As Leatherman went for a second Somoan Drop Hyjix squiermed out of it and reversed the move for his Last Laugh for the victory.

John Kermon vs. Robbie Paige
The referee was inadvertently knocked out while Robbie page was mounting some offense. Kermon took the opportunity to use a pair of brass knuckles to knock out Paige. When the ref recovered he counted the three and declared Kermon the number one contender for the Enterprise Championship.

Main Event

Grudge Match

Griffen & Gutterboy vs Jaysin Justice & OGB
The match built into a huge melee that lead to piles of chairs thrown in the ring with all four men ready to tear each other apart. GM Dexter Alexander declared the match over and called it a no contents. He said if those guys wanted to act like animals they could do it at the next show in a Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ Match!

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