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June 18th - Every Championship Title Is On The Line!


GM Dexter Alexander announced OGB is having a baby, and can't compete in the main event. The match was changed to a triple threat, with the winner earning a heavyweight title shot in July!

Bobby Shields vs Dirty Money
Dirty Money made an impressive debut as he caught Shields with a huge spinebuster for the win.

Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Chris Cline vs. Flex Fenom
Fenom was unable to attend the show, so Cline issued another open challenge. Chuckie Manson answered the call! Manson appeared to have Cline at risk of losing the title, but Cline resorted to an illegal chair shot to retain.

Bill Bain Apology

Bill Bain apologized for his offensive comments at the previous show. He said that he just wants to help people improve their lives by introducing them to Scientology. Bobby Shields entered the ring. Bain assumed that Shields was there to join his religious cult, but found himself on the receiving end of a Bobby Shields beat down! Shields challenged Bain to a match, but Bill just cowered and said he's not ready.

Elimination tag match to decide #1 contender for the Enterprise Title

Shadows vs Doodle vs Valentine vs Jerkface vs Slayter
Stefan Slayter was the last man standing and became the next contender for the Enterprise Title!

Tag Team Championship Title Match

Odyssey and Vaughn defend their titles vs Hyjinx and Maddox
The champs caught Hyjinx with a big double team faceplant for the victory. They called out Dexter and blamed him for Eldrick Landon Greene's injuries. When Dexter confronted them, Greene laid him out from behind with a "quiet" sign.

Enterprise Championship Title Match

Robbie Paige defends the Enterprise title vs John Kermon
Kermon tried to knock out Paige with an illegal object, when Slayter ran to the ring to stop him. Kermon took a swing at Slayter, distracting him just long enough for Paige to catch him with a kick to the head for the pin. Slayter vs Paige is set for July with the Enterprise title on the line!

Main Event

3 Way Elimination Match - Falls Count Anywhere

Gutterboy vs Griffen vs Jaysin Justice
Jaysin Justice won the match to end the show and became the new #1 contender for the Heavyweight Title! Justice vs Cline is set for July 23rd with the IPE Heavyweight Title on the line!

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