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July 23rd - IndiePalooza 3!

Tag-Team Championship Title Match

"Tee-Time" Anthony Odyssey and Vaughn vs Standards & Practices
General Manager Dexter Alexander explained Odyssey and Vaughn should be fired due to their actions at the last show. Since he does not want the titles to be vacated he will allow them to wrestle for their jobs. They will face the new team of Standards and Practices. If they lose, they will lose the titles and their jobs. The match ended with S & P pulling off the pin fall after a big pump kick. When it was announced that Odyssey and Vaughn would be fired, Eldrick Landon Greene complained that S & P cheated. He insisted that the ref check the man who pinned Odyssey. The referee found brass knucks in his pocket that Greene had planted on him. The decision was reversed. Odyssey and Vaughn won the match by DQ, kept the titles, and their jobs.

Three S "Sexy" Shane Shadows vs Jesse Valentine
About one minute into the match, Valentine caught Shadows with a cross body out of nowhere to pin Shadows in record time. Shadows was livid!

Hyjinx vs Shorty Smalls
The two participants were about to lock up when John Kermon came out to interrupt. He said that since the winner of the match would win a shot at the Enterprise Title, he went to management, and got himself added to the match. It would now become a three-way! Smalls hit Hyjinx with a sit slam pin attempt, but Kermon caught shorty with a quick dropkick, and pinned Hyjinx to win the match.


Bill Bain came out and said he was now ready to accept Bobby Shield's challenge. Ring announcer Joel explained to Bain that Bobby was out of the country at the time, wrestling in the UK. Still, Bain bullied referee Lloyd, and made him start the match. He forced Lloyd to count to ten and declare Bain the winner by forfeit.

Chuckie Manson vs Mr. Doodle
Shorty Smalls tried to cost Manson the match by hitting him in the head with a chain. Doodle made a cover, but Manson kicked out. Smalls stood at ringside furiously while Doodle tried to keep Manson down. Chuckie made a comeback, and when he saw Smalls outside the ring, he dove after him and the two brawled to the back area. Mr Doodle won the match by count out.

Enterprise Championship Title Match

Stefan Slayter vs "Wildman" Robbie Paige
After a back and forth battle Slayter got the upper hand, and hit Paige with his corkscrew splash. To his surprise, Paige kicked out! Robbie fought his way back and eventually caught Slayter with a big kick to get the pin. Paige retained the Enterprise title.


OGB came out to talk about his newborn son. When he tried to talk about his future in wrestling, Gutterboy cut him off. Words were exchanged that eventully let to a match between the two brothers, with the permission of Dexter Alexander.

OGB vs Gutterboy
The match quickly got out of control as they brawled all over the venue. The match was declared a no contest. Dexter said he had seen enough. OGB and Gutterboy will settle this once and for all on Sept 17th. The rematch will be NO HOLDS BARRED!

Main Event

Heavyweight Championship Title Match

"Pretty Boy" Chris Cline vs Jaysin Justice
Justice took the IPE champ to the limit. Several times it appered a new champ would be crowned as Cline barely kicked out of several pin attempts. Out of desparation, Cline rolled out of the ring and gabbed the title belt. When Justice pushed the ref out of the way, Cline clocked Justice in the head with the belt. He pinned the big man to successfully defend the title and end an amazing evening of wrestling!

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